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Indoor & Outdoor MC Series Rental Screen

New Product 

-Mixed Splicing

-Curve Design 

-Modular Design 

-Corner Protector 


Outdoor Multi-Function Rental Screen

  • Cabinet Size: 500mm x 1000mm/ 500 mm x 500mm

  • Cabinet Material: Aluminum

  • Working Modules:P4.81 / P5.952 / P6.944 SMD outdoor

  • Module Size: 250mm x 500mm

  • Cabinet Weight: 500mm x 1000mm (15 KG/pcs); 500mm x 500mm (9KG/pcs)


Multi-Function Rental Screen

Multi-Function Rental Screen can be highly applicable for stage, exhibition, fair, party, stadium, promotion, etc. Multi-Function as below:
•    Inner arc and outer arc screen;
•    Depending on your demands; it can be composed of a variety of LED display;
•    Suitable for many environment;


Inside the arc Max. 20°

Maxtop-Multi-LED-Rental-Screen (1).jpg

Outer arc Max. 30°

Key Advantages:

-Slim design makes it light weight and space saving, further easy to carry and move.
-Special structure makes it fast lock, easy installation and dismantle,further saving time and labor costs.
-Screwing or magnetic module structure makes it easy Maintenance.
-Module calibration data written into the module procedure for uniformity of the brightness and color, achieving clear and natural images.

Modularization Design

Modularization Design made assemble and dissemble Cabinet Easy. You can Reply modules, Power supply, control card by some steps without screws.  All of replacement become very easy, Also make products become more stable than normal products.


Front & Rear Maintaince

Replace Modules and Mask by Front & Rear maintaince.  Not need any screws and other special tools. Simple and efficient.

Cabinet Details

-Cabinet Angle adjuster;
-Power supply & Control Card Box;
-Cabinet position pin. Help install and protect cabinet;
-High Material PCB board and Data connector.


High Gray Scale – Better Picture

High Refresh Rate and Gray Scale ensures the picture quality remains semless.

Highly Applicable for Different Occasion

Easy for the rental application. Faster lock and Easy to carry.


Achieve Screen Good Quality

High Refresh Frequency Takes Screen to Better Quality
Adopting famous IC chip brands—MBI IC chip makes screen more stable and present non-wave effect

Seamless Display and Visual Effects 

The advanced assembled structure produces seamless display and visual effects, offering you the perfect visual performance you desire from your LED display. The picture quality remains high due to best quality display material

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