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Lucas Nano 302

LucasNano305FX_Einzelnprodukt (2).jpg

LUCAS NANO 302 is the perfect sound system for anyone looking to amplify line-level signals: from MP3 players and notebooks, to mixing consoles, keyboards and more.Small, flexible and feather-light at just 10.3 kg, LUCAS 302 can easily be carried in just one hand and is built up and ready to go in seconds, whatever the situation.LUCAS NANO 302 consists of an active system subwoofer and two satellites, which are stored in the subwoofer’s transport bay. 

Facts and features 

  • Active compact PA

  • Stereo line input for simple connection to external stereo sources

  • Optimized for use as a 2.1 stereo system

  • Can be extended into a more powerful Twin Stereo System setup when used in conjunction with any other 300 series LUCAS NANO

  • Functions as an elegant mono PA

  • Active 8” high-performance subwoofer

  • 2 satellites with 3.5" broadband woofers for excellent speech intelligibility

  • all speakers custom-made by Celestion

  • 750 watts peak power (calc.)

  • 120 dB max. SPL

  • Low-ranging bass down to 44 Hz

  • Weighs just 10.3 kg and leaves a very small footprint

  • Several optional add-ons

  • Satellite transport bay inside the subwoofer enclosure

  • High quality STEREO STAND ADD-ON from König & Meyer (available separately) for the 2.1 Stereo System setup

  • Height-adjustable S-CONNECT POLE LN (available separately): signal-carrying distance pole for cable-free satellite connection and cable-free setup as mono or Twin Stereo System setup

  • Simple handling; assembles in seconds

  • Designed and engineered in Germany

  • Five-year warranty (after registration)


Polar 10 

The new POLAR 10 column system is perfectly tailored to the exacting demands of musicians and DJs, as well as a wide range of audiovisual applications in business, schools, churches, and more.

POLAR 10’s 24-bit DSP and high-grade speaker components deliver exceptionally clear and natural sound from 38 Hz up to 20 kHz. The premium subwoofer design and 2,000 watts of high power amping ensure an XXL sound experience from whisper-quiet to massive volumes.

Facts and features 

  • Fully featured and user-friendly powered full range column system

  • An integrated 24-bit DSP that delivers a consistent audio image across the whole frequency range, serving up rich sound with low distortion for fatigue-free listening experience

  • Five user presets tailored to dial in the right sound for every situation and venue

  • 10’’ subwoofer for powerful, snappy and low-ranging bass performance

  • A 2000 watt, Class D power amplifier with great headroom and perfect dynamic response

  • An integrated four-channel mixing console featuring versatile connection options, Bluetooth 5.0 audio streaming and high-contrast auto-dimming display

  • Ships with carry bag for column and padded cover for subwoofer

  • Five-year HK Audio warranty *


Lucas 2k18

LUCAS 2K18 is the companion of choice for DJs on the go who work weddings, galas, birthdays and similar events. No other portable system can match this compact 2.1 PA’s ability to strike the perfect balance between soothing background music, crisp and articulate speech reinforcement, and huge, dancefloor-filling beats. Its background sound is expansive yet pleasantly unobtrusive. Speeches and announcements come across clear and easy to understand even in the far corners of the room. And LUCAS 2K18’s remarkable headroom provides plenty of oomph to get the party started with big, beefy bass beats and a silky top end. Featuring premium-quality components, a newly developed 2,000-watt power amplifier and advanced DSP technology, this system was designed specifically to meet the needs of DJs, and its painstakingly-tuned filters ensure it works equally well with all kinds of signal sources.

Facts and features 

  • Active 2.1 PA system

  • Optimized for mobile DJ applications

  • 2,000-watt peak power (calc.)

  • Two satellites with one 8″ speaker and one 1″ CD horn each

  • 18″ bass reflex subwoofer

  • Advanced DSP technology

  • 66.3 kg total weight

  • HK Audio MultiGrip recessed handles

  • Satellites with milled recessed ErgoGrips for easy handling

  • M20 speaker pole mount

  • 90 x 55° CD horn

  • HK Audio MonoTilt for optimum sound-to-audience alignment

  • Extendable using the LINEAR SUB 1800 A bass add-on

  • Made in Germany

L3 112 XA

Active 12”/1” cabinet housed in a multipurpose enclosure. The clever design of the LINEAR 3 112 XA allows it to excel as a front PA with plenty of punch, or as an assertive stage monitor.

Facts and features 

  • Can be used as a mid/high unit or as an onstage monitor

  • Packs the muscular bi-amped punch of a 1,200 W class D power amp

  • Beautifully balanced, high-definition audio

  • 135 dB SPL—that”s plenty of sound pressure for audiences of up to 500 (with the suitable L SUB 1500 A or L SUB 1800 A subwoofers)

  • No need for sophisticated audio skills: advanced DSP technology serves up top-notch sound every time

  • Intelligent Multiband Limiter ensures tonal integrity at every volume level

  • FIR crossover filtering for transparent midrange

  • Plenty of sound-shaping options with four EQ presets—Bass Boost, Flat (LF), Flat (MHF) and Contour

  • Very low total harmonic distortion, so no listening fatigue

  • System”s sound is easy to control and shape, even from the stage

  • On-target, directional PA aiming to reduce reflections off walls and ceilings

L5 115 F


Able to handle 2,400 watts peak as a stand-alone cabinet, this ultra efficient 15″/1″ fullrange mid/ high unit is the loudest reference speaker in its class. Like the L5 FA 112 F, it features an asymmetrical horn with an optimized the coverage pattern that is wider up front and grows more directed with distance, thereby achieving greater range.

Facts and features 

  • Application: Mid/High unit, Stand Alone System, DJ-Monitoring

  • Powerhandling(Continuous): 600 Watt (2400W Peak)

  • 15″ Speaker with 3″ voice coil

  • 1″ Driver with 1,75″ voice coil

  • 139 dB Max SPL Peak @ 10% THD (halfspace)

  • Asymmetrical horn (60°-90° x 55°), rotatable

  • Rugged hybrid (birch multiplex /MDF) housing

  • EQ switch (Flat / Contour)

PR:O 15

PremiumPro15_left (1).jpg

Sporting a 15″ woofer, this cab delivers performance on par with the PR:O 12, plus enhanced low-midrange and bass response compared. And that makes it a great choice for stand alone deployment without a subwoofer. The active
PR:O 15 A model also features a 600W RMS power amp and a Speakon port that accepts a passive add-on cab.

Facts and features 

  • Application: Fullrange Cabinet / Satellit

  • Power Capacity: 400/800 Watt

  • Max. SPL: 128 dB

  • Frequency Range: 53 Hz – 19 kHz

L7 112 FA

  • Effective maximum sound pressure level thanks to high-performance loudspeakers, drivers and muscular 2000 watts Pascal Class-D amplifiers

  • Ultra-precise coverage of frequency spectrum thanks to minimized distortion and optimized directivity

  • state-of-the-art DSP platform with integrated fully parametric 10-band EQ, delay and limiting for uncompromised individual configuration

  • Latest networking technology to control Theo DSP of every LINEAR 7 cabinet from that one central FOH spot.

  • Additional DSP-Out that lets you integrate an added non-network-compatible powered cabinet (such as your LINEAR series active subwoofers) into the network and remotely control it with all the parameters of the LINEAR 7 DSP.

  • Direct access to easy selectable presets for use as full range cabinet or in a system, even in a non-network setup

  • Futureproof Audio-Streaming (Certification for MILAN is in the works)

  • High resolution 96 kHz AD/DA converters, FIR-filtering, low latency

  • Full range housing for maximum bass output

  • User friendly rigging and mounting options

More Information 

powered, 2000 watts, 12“/1“, networking technology,

MILAN-ready (certification and implementation is in the works),

Ethercon,DSP-Out, Powercon, full range housing with clustering angles,

rotatable horn (70° x 50°), M8 rigging points, DuoTilt​

L SUB 1200 A


This compact and light subwoofer comes in a bass reflex enclosure. It is ideal for band PAs. The powered version sports a remarkably efficient 1,200 watt, Class-D power amp that can also drive a connected passive L Sub 1200. Loaded with two remarkably responsive 10″ woofers, it delivers tight, snappy bass with a lot punch ranging all the way down to around 45 Hz. LINEAR SUB 1200 A can also be used in combination with mid/high units from the LINEAR 5 family, or as a bass extension to the ELEMENTS BIG BASE system.

Facts and features 

  • Compact Subwoofer for Band & DJ systems

  • 1200 Watt Class-D Amping

  • 2x 10″ Speaker with 2,5″ voice coil

  • 128 dB Max SPL Peak @ 10% THD (halfspace)

  • Speakon out for passive extension Sub (L Sub 1200)

  • Rugged wood enclosure of birch multiplex

  • Swichtable X – Over frequency

  • Multifunctional handles

  • Ideal add-on to LINEAR 5 mid/high units

  • Can also be used in combination with LINEAR 3 mid/high unitsA



The 600-watt Easy Base single system is the perfect, uncomplicated PA solution for one man bands, presentations and speech-based performances in internal conference rooms and small clubs. It is made up of the lightest ELEMENTS components available, and the two E 435 mid/high units disattach from the system for extremely compact storage and easy transportation. For DJ applications, the system can be extended with the 1200 Watt 15 “Bass L 1500 A subwoofer. Thanks to the stereo preamp, the bass can also be operated as a center sub between two Easy Base Single.

Facts and features 

  • Elegant design

  • Scalable and flexible to expand into an Easy Base Twin stereo setup

  • Practically cable-free

  • Lightweight and compact

  • 5-year HK Audio warranty


Elements-Gala-Front-555x555 (2).jpg

ELEMENTS GALA, HK Audio’s latest columnar system, combines stylish looks and sophisticated sound in a PA that rises to the lofty standards for up-market events. The new 15” powered subwoofer not only delivers persuasive, remarkably low-ranging performance; it also comes with custom electronics. At the heart of this circuitry is a painstakingly tuned digital controller that adds a touch of magic to the mix. High frequencies come across with pristine clarity; the midrange is delivered with a mighty punch that projects authority and assertiveness all the way down to the lowest mids. The new Class D power amps provide plenty of headroom and serious dynamic response.

ELEMENTS GALA’s sleek columns live up to the performance promise conveyed by their stylish looks. Their lush sonic image treats audiences to a rich audio experience that begins directly in front of the stage, extends all the way to the back row, and satisfies even the most discriminating uptown standards. This stereo system handles as elegantly as it looks: setting up and tearing down
ELEMENTS GALA is a time-saving exercise in convenience thanks to the E-Connect coupler/signal bus.

Facts and features 

  • Fully featured, active stereo line-source PA

  • Newly developed digital controller tuned to serve up stellar sound

  • 2.000 Watt Peak Power (calc.)

  • Newly developed 15” subwoofer

  • Special filter presets tailored for “Small Venue” and “Long Distance” applications

  • Even dispersion of sound

  • Extendable with HK Audio L SUB 1500 A add-on subwoofer

  • Included: 1x ELEMENTS GALA SUB 15, 4x ELEMENTS E 835, 2x EF 45, 2x EP 2, 2x 10m LS-Kabe

  • Five-year HK Audio warranty*

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