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image_1533102262_GONSIN20000S_副本 (1).png

Basic Functions 

♦ In compliance with IEC60914 international standard, utilize digital audio processing and transmission technology
♦ With full digital audio technology, built-in high-speed CPU and high-performance digital audio processor(DSP)
♦ 15.6 inches LCD screen( resolution 1920 × 1080), support 10 points touch control. Slim design with narrow bezel, the suitable 16:9 displayratio provides a superior users viewing experience.
♦ Electronic nameplate utilizes 10.1 inches super bright HD LCD screen( resolution 1280 ×800);16:10
display ratio for better and higher-quality image display.
♦ Display user’s information synchronously, such as user’s name/position or title /organization name/Logo and etc, support font/ background/ customized template.
♦ Support independent adapter to supply power and GONSIN20000S system distributed power and intelligent grouping management.
♦ Conference terminal, power HUB and conference server are all connected by network cables. Flexible cabling reduces project workload, makes large-scale construction projects easier.
♦ It supports daisy-chain connection, star connection and mixed connection. The system is highly stable and reliable. The breakdown of one extension won’t influence the other extensions, and the malfunction of one attachment among the extensions won’t influence the system to work.
♦ The cabling of terminal is bottom mounted, which supports hidden or open installation, to make the desktop clearer and tidier.
♦ Automatic restoration function: supports hot plug.
♦ With headphone jack(Ø 3.5 mm) and adjustable volume(9 levels).
♦ Built-in MIC jack(Ø 3.5 mm) to connect with external MIC, which meets the requirements of different usage scenarios.
♦ Built-in left and right loudspeakers(2W) and adjustable volume(9 levels). Reasonable tune trope design, output clear and loud sound. Adjusting volume through screen touch is available.
♦ Attendance registration function: registration is initiated and ended by paperless terminal(chairman), the results can be displayed on LCD screen.
♦ Voting function:started and ended by paperless terminal(chairman), the results can be displayed on LCD screen.
♦ Customized voting function: The paperless terminal(chairman)can initiate and end the customized voting, voting results can be displayed on paperless terminal. The voting content is defined by GONSIN intelligent Conference management software.
♦ Call service: participants place a call via paperless terminal. The service staff will provide the service in according to the request displayed on the paperless call service terminal. Basic functions: paper,pen, tea, towel and etc, the functions can be customized.
♦ Terminal can display user’s info, conference info, conference results and on-site seating map.
♦ Digital conference files management: it includes browsing files and sharing screen
♦ Browsing conference files: before the conference, the digital files could be preset on the paperless
terminal, the user could open and browse the files; it supports DOC,DOCX,PDF,PPT,PPTX,JPG,PNG,BMP,MPS, MP4,AVI, FLV, WMV and other format files. Files can be displayed in screen sharing status.
♦ Sharing screen: when the user is browsing the files via paperless terminal, it can share the screen and other terminals could display the same content, including page scroll, paging, notes and others steps.
♦ Files note function: users can make notes on files, the notes can be saved in the server.
♦ Screen sharing and synchronizing screen function: user can initiate screen sharing, all terminals will be displayed the same content;After exit from the sharing screen, user can synchronize the screen to the sharing one manually. The sharing content can be displayed on other display devices
♦ GONSIN paperless conference system has developed on Android platform, it utilizes data encryption and anti-restoration technique to ensure information security.
♦ Every serial-number is one and only one, the conference system supports automatically or manually assign ID to the corresponding equipment.
♦ Support the transmission of internal messages, user can communicate via sending internal messages
♦ Support digital whiteboard function, user can create whiteboard quickly, the content will be saved in the server.
♦ Support surfing the internet via the browser.
♦ Support reading files from USB flash disk
♦ Support paper nameplate insertion
♦ Support connection to exterior video by an Encoder
♦ System capacity unlimited(wired connection)
♦ Randomly set any one terminal as Chairman Terminal More functions of The Paperless Chairman Terminal are as below.
♦ Support send mass system messages to all paperless terminals.
♦ Support conference topic control, allow the user to initiate attendance registration and voting during the meeting
♦ Allow the user to initiate quick voting
♦ Support mandatory sharing screen
♦ Allow to check conference information, such as attendance registration, ask for leaves, voting process and result, call service information, synchronous screen sharing, mic on/off situation and etc.



image_1544154502_TL-V4300 (1).png

System Overview 

TL-4300 basic discussion unit allows the delegate to speak, request to speak, listen to speech and automatic camera tracking; other units with extended function can support register attendance, cast a vote, election, evaluation, simultaneous interpretation . Each unit comes with headphone jack and volume control for delegates to listen to floor and interpretion audio, and adjust volume level for comfortable listening.Built-in speaker automatically mutes when microphone is turned on. 1 to 4 delegate microphones can be activated at the same time. The system also comes with voice-activated function, under this mode, the microphone will be activated as the users speak. The sensitivity of voice-activated is adjustable, which makes it more user friendly for normal users and the visually impaired people.


•Trigonometry design, shows sense ofmodern science and technology
•Exquisite manufacturing process
•Voice-activated function
•Support multiple chairman units and vice chairman units
•Support 6 channel wired simultaneous interpretation
•Built-in dual loudspeaker
•Support auto camera tracking function (SD and HD)
•OLCD to display the unit status
•Three-color LED to indicate the unit status (on or off)
•Built-in clock to display time
•Electret cardioid directional microphone, rich timbre
•Pluggable gooseneck microphone stem, red ring illuminant to indicate active mic
•Highly resistant to mobile phone interference
•Flexible installation for units connection (hidden or not), makes the assembly room more elegant

Basic Functions 


•In compliance with IEC60914 international standard.
•Trigonometry design, shows sense of modern science and technology.
•Three-color LED to indicate the unit status (on or off).
•Physical Mic button utilizes key-press design, with concise appearance, convenient operation, accurate response and long service life.
•All the units are daisy-chain connection, reduce project workload, make easy construction.
•The terminal has hidden connecting cable,which supports hidden or open installation, to make organized table.
•Automatic restoration function: supports hot plug.
•Standard electret cardioid microphone with indicating light ring, rich timbre. Several kinds of soft gooseneck microphone stems for various conferences (standard: 410mm, optional: 310mm/510mm).
•Pluggable gooseneck microphone stem, convenient for equipment maintenance.
•Highly resistant to mobile phone interference.
•The sever comes with built-in OLED panel to display clock, unit status, speaking mode, registration, voting, language, volume etc.
•the clock function display time.
•Unique ID number, the conference system supports automatically or manually assigns ID to the corresponding equipment.
•With headphone jack (Ø 3.5 mm) and adjustable volume(0-9 level).
•Built-in MIC (Ø 3.5 mm) to connect with external MIC, which meets the requirements of different usage scenarios.
•Built-in left and right loudspeakers (2W) and adjustable volume(0-9 level). Reasonable design makes clear and bright sound.
•Attendance registration function: by keypress, by numbered card, by un-numbered card, or supplementary registration.
•Supports automatic video tracking (SD and HD), with preset panoramic position.
•Speaking mode: Operator, Auto, FIFO, Operator,VOX, request to speak (with software).
•VOX function: in VOX mode, the unit will be activated when user speaks; VOX sensitivity can be adjusted ( high, middle, low); microphone time-out is adjustable ( 6-180 seconds).
•1-4 delegate unit can be used simultaneously (except chairman unit); chairman/vice chairman unit are not subject to active mic limit, it’s allowed to open at any time.
•The system can have multiple chairman units; delegate unit can be set as vice-chairman units. There are unlimited chairman and vice-chairman units.






♦ Support 2.4 G/5.2G / 5.8G triple-band communication to ensure system stability;
♦ System capacity can be up to 450 terminals, meets the requirement of large assembly room;
♦ Support a couple of wireless APs to achieve greater wireless coverage area and terminal seamless roaming.
♦ Multiple systems work simultaneously under same environment without disturbing each other;
♦ Support infrared automatic video camera tracking(HD), HD camera tracking the mobile terminal real time
♦ With offline 8 in 1 out SD video tracking matrix, HD camera is supported;
   CD-quality sound;
♦ Microphone sensitivity can be adjusted from level 0 to 4;
♦ Utilizes encryption algorithm to ensure data security;
♦ Terminals can be uniformly shutdown by server after the up to 450 terminals, meets the requirement of large 



Wireless Congress Terminal DCS-1022-W

♦ Confirm to IEC 60914 international standard
♦ Stylish and interactive graphical user interface. Metal material, high-end texture
♦ With full digital audio technology, built-in high-speed CPU and high-performance DSP digital audio processor.
♦ Adopt TIFF, HI-FI, low delay transmission technology, support 48KHz audio sample freq
♦ AF sensitivity of each terminal (5 levels) can be adjusted separately or uniformly
♦ Built-in high-performance DSP digital audio processor, helps remove the useless low-frequency and avoid low-frequency acoustical shock, which better improve the sharpness of sound.
♦ 4.3-inch TFT true color LCD touch screen to display UI interface, conference information, microphone switch status, battery capacity.Language supports Chinese/ English.
♦ LCD touch screen with accurate response and long service life,supports full-size touch operation and functions setting: LCD contrast, volume, SSID network setting, language and etc;
♦ Multiplexing switch terminal button:
-Short press for switching on/off terminal
-Long press for turning on/off terminal
♦ Battery level detection, Low voltage warning and automatic shutdown protection function;terminal automatic turn-off without signal communication in ten minutes
♦ In compliance with IEEE 802.11n network standard, adopt WIFI wireless communication technology.
♦ Adopt 128 bit AES encryption technology and support WEP/WPA/WPA2 wireless security technology, ensuring the privacy of meetings and avoiding eavesdrop as well as malicious interference.
♦ Support 2.4G/5.2G/5.8G triple-band wireless communication,choosing the secure wireless channel to ensure the reliability of wireless connection.
♦ Standard electret cardioid pickup pattern microphone with lamp bezel (On or Off) , rich timbre. Three kinds of soft gooseneck microphone stems for various conferences (standard: 310mm, optional:410mm/510mm).
♦ Pluggable gooseneck microphone stem, convenient for equipment maintenance.
♦ The terminal supports call service function( tea, paper, pen, help and etc).
♦ Terminal battery duration (speaking state) ≥ 14 hours.
♦ Rechargeable lithium batteries for centralized charging, charging cabinet could charge up to batteries;(MAX 10 lithium batteries at one time.)Wireless Congress Terminal DCS-1022-W DCS-1022V-W( Discussion Terminal with Voting) has below function besides functions of DCS-1022-W Offline functions without PC/software control
♦ Attendance registration and voting can be run by the chairman terminal, without PC control, the chairman terminal can initiate registration, voting, quick election (election one in five) ,evaluation and etc. 03 ♦ Highly resistant to mobile phone interference.
♦ Built-in headphone jack (3.5 mm) and recorder interface (3.5 mm).
♦ Built-in left and right loudspeakers (2W) and adjustable volume(7 levels). Reasonable tune trope design, output clear and loud sound. Adjusting volume through screen touch is available.
♦ Loud speaker: VOX, Auto, FIFO, Operator.
♦ Speaking approval mode: delegate terminal can not speak without the approval from chairman terminal. There is no speaking limit for chairman terminal.
♦ 1-3 delegate unit can be used except the chairman unit
♦ Attendance registration function: key to register, plug-in card to register(according number),plug-in card to register(non-according number),supplementary register or revocatory register. Attendance is counted automatically and the result can be displayed on the congress terminal
♦ Supports automatic video tracking (HD), with preset panoramic position. Perfect matched with camera or video matrix
♦ Support infrared automatic video camera tracking(HD, MAX 8 cameras )
♦ Maximally support 128 wireless APs to achieve greater wireless coverage area and terminal seamless roaming.
♦ Support SSID WiFi-settings, to ensure non-interference when operating several systems within the same environment.
♦ The serial-number is one and only, the conference system supports automatically or manually assign ID to the corresponding equipment.
♦ Appoint any delegate terminal as the vice-chairman terminal

Technical Specifications

Operating Frequency: 2.4G/5.2G/5.8G triple-band Communication

Display Parameter: 4.3-inch TFT true color touch screen

Acoustic Frequency Response: 20Hz~20KHz

Sensitivity: -46 dBV/Pa

Equivalent Noise Level: 20dBA (SPL)

Max SPL: 125dB(THD<3%)

THD: <0.05%

SNR: ≥96dB

MIC Type: Heart pattern directional electre

Directivity: 0°/180°:>20 dB (1 kHz)

MIC Length: 310mm (standard)
                      410mm/510mm (optional))

Input Impedance: 2KΩ

Headphone Jack: 3.5 mm stereo jack

MIC Port: 3.5 mm stereo jack

REC Out Port: >16Ω

Headphone Load: 10mW

Headphone Volume: 2W/8Ω

Built-in Speaker: 6

Channel: 212mm×139mm×67mm

Dimension (L*W*H): 0.94Kg

Rate voltage: 12V

Max Power Consumption: 8W

Battery Capacity: 3000mAH

Battery Service Life: ≥14hours

Operating Temperature: 0~45°C

Storage Temperature: -20~ 50°C


System Overview 


♦ Modern Concise Industry Design
♦ Perfect material combination, clear function area, highlight better users’ performance
♦ Pluggable rectangular column microphone, better sound effect
♦ Discussion terminal can co-work with GONSIN paperless conference system with seamless data interconnection, which makes it convenient for user to upgrade the system and expend paperless function
♦ Distribution power and intelligent grouping management, simple cabling, suitable for various conference venue
♦ Congress terminal utilizes network cable connection, after connecting to the server, it support daisy-chain, star or mixed connection methods
♦ Intelligent voice-activated function with adjustable VOX sensitivity, meets the demand of normal users, ensure the accessibility of visual impaired people
♦ The rectangular column microphone has extension audio backup interface, to meet the demand of special conference venue.



♦Pluggable rectangular column microphone stem

♦ The audio and sensitivity of terminal can be adjusted centrally or singly

♦ Distributed power and intelligent grouping management

♦ OLED screen to display terminal information

♦ The volume of dual built-in speaker can be adjusted from 0-8 level

♦ CD-level sound quality

♦ 32 channel wired simultaneous interpretation

♦ Intelligent voice-activated

♦ Auto camera tracking, support SD and HD

♦ Utilize network cable connection

♦ Rectangular column microphone stem has backup expansive audio interface

Basic Functions 

♦ Assign any delegate terminal as vicechairman terminal
♦ Comply with IEC60914 international standard, utilize digital audio processing and transmission technology
♦ Clear function area for conference terminal, sensitive and accurate response
♦ Pluggable rectangular microphone stem can be detached for maintenance
♦ Speaking: request to speak, first-in-first-out, free discussion; listening to others via earphone or built-in speaker
♦ Voice-activated microphone mode: the microphone is automatically turned on when a delegate speaks. Sensitivity(H/M/L) and Mic time-out (20-250 seconds) can be adjusted on the congress server. Four delegate microphone can be activated at the same time(exclude chairman terminal)
♦ Attendance registration: press-key registration, supplementary registration
♦ Automatic camera tracking with preset panoramic position. HD camera is supported
♦ Registration support card insertion registration,
♦ OLED screen display dynamic registration and discussion process( such as please register, registered; request to speak, mic on and other information)
♦ Terminal has earphone interface and microphone interface Network cable connection, after connect to the server, it support daisy-chain, star, mixed connection methods, stable communication, easy installation



Basic Functions 

♦ Supports automatic video camera tracking (HD), with preset panoramic position. Perfect matched with camera or video matrix
♦ Support infrared automatic video tracking(HD, MAX 8 cameras )
♦ Adopt infrared anti-jamming algorithm, stable and reliable. Be fearless of visible light and
infrared light (sunshine, light,whiteboard and etc.).
♦ Accurate location and smooth tracking, automatic resolution.
♦ The tracking effect is not affected by the size and shape of the meeting room.
♦ Simulation Parameters can be self-define arbitrarily,the code stream switching won’t be
influenced by target status.
♦ Support HD video H.264 coding output, be available for 100m transmission at 1080p60 format.
♦ Multi-Format Video Outputs:support SDI, DVI-D, NETWORK, and USD 3.0 video output interface.

♦ Maximum tracking distance can reach 18 meters.

Technical Specifications 

Sensor: 1/2.8 inches CMOS, 2.14 million sensor

focal distance: 3.9mm~46.8mm

AV: F1.~F2.8

optical zoom: 12 times

digital zoom: 12 times

View Angle: 72.5°~6.3°

Focus System: Auto / Manual/ PTZ/ One Push

Minimum Illumination: 0.5 Lux (colors), 0.1Lux (black and white)

Shutter Speed: 1/1 - 1/10,000 second

Tune-up: Auto/Manual

White Balance: Auto / Indoor / Outdoor/ One Push / Manual/Auto tracking

Exposure Control: Auto / Manual/Shutter Priority/Aperture Priority

SNR: ≥50dB

Language: ENGLISH

Pan Rotation: -170°~+170°

Tilt Rotation: -30°~+90°

Pan Control Speed: 0.1°~120°/s

Tilt Control Speed: 0.1°~90°/s

Preset Number: 256

Pan-tilt control interfaces: RS-232/RS-485/USB3.0

Network interface: 100M self-adapted to Ethernet interface(RJ45)

Network protocol: PELCO-D, VISCA, UVC1.1

Video interface: 3G-SDI, DVI-D, USB3.0

Video format: 1080P60/1080P50/1080P30/1080P25/1080I60/1080I50/720P60/720P50

Resolution ratio: MAX 1920*1080@60fps

Video compression: H.264

Audio compression: AAC


Video Preview Number: MAX 10, at the same time

Dual-stream: YES

Power: DC12V

Consumption: <30W

Operating Temperature: 0~40°C

Storage Consumption: -20~60°C

Dimensions (L*W*H): 243mm×145mm×163mm

Color: Grey




Signal Splitter GX-ANT201-X

◆ Ultra-high dynamic low noise components and ultra-wideband microstrip line design, with ultralow
internal distortion and loss, eliminating the mixing interference when multi-channel receiving
system is used at the same time;
◆ The antenna input connector has a power supply for the antenna amplifier, and can directly connect
the extended antenna with the antenna amplifier and the antenna with the built-in amplifier
◆ Carrier range is 500MHz~850MHz
◆ It can provide four broadband multi-channel receivers to share a pair of antennas, and can also
cascade a second distributor or broadband multi-channel receiver to simplify antenna assembly
◆ The splitter provides 4 channels DC12V power outputs to power 4 wireless receivers, simplifying
cabinet installation


Technical Specifications 

Antenna Divider: 4-channel dual channel output

Frequency Range: 500MHz~850MHz

Input Truncation Point: +15dBm

Output/Input gain: +1.0dB±1dB

Output Isolation: >18dB(500MHz~850MHz)

Output/Input Impedance: 50Ω

Antenna Output Connector: TNC connector

Antenna Input Connector Power: DC8V,250mA(max)(Antenna A, B input end)

Power Input: 12V~15V/5ADC

Power Output: 12V/1.2ADC(each channel)

Current Consumption(Single): Approx.145mA

Dimensions(W*D*H): 480*180*45mm

Net Weight: 1.8Kg




Product Features
♦In compliance with IEC60914 international standard
♦Industrialized standard chassis design
♦Modular design, input/output signal card can be selected according to actual needs
♦Flush-mounting hardware architecture design, the system is stable and reliable, seamless switching, without black screen and splash screen, no delay
♦Compatible with 1080P seamless switching cards for HDMI, DVI, VGA, AV, SDI, HDBaseT, Optical Fiber, etc.
♦Compatible with 4K×2K signal switching cards for HDMI, HDBaseT, Optical Fiber
♦Bus switching technology, each signal is transmitted through a separate channel to ensure the real- time display of all signal images.
♦The switcher is with frequency multiplier and upscaling technology to scale or enhance the image signals
♦Support OSD custom character overlay screen display function
♦Support query function for input and output channel status of current device
♦Support image mosaic function (1×1~8×8 equal scale image)
There are 4 kinds of control modes including RS232, TCP/IP, IR and button control. It is flexible and convenient to use.
♦Support locking function of panel button to prevent misoperation
♦Support no less than 10 scene save and recall function, and support group cutting function
♦Support HDMI 1.4a standard, up to 4K resolution input/output switching, HDCP compliant
♦Supports embedded EDID management and manual EDID learning function
♦Redundant power supply design, support for power failure alarm function
♦Switcher and signal can run no less than 7 × 24 hours with continuous power and failure-free operation

Technical Specifications 





System Overviews

GONSIN TL-5600 digital conference system is designed to provide a versatile flush mounting solution including five function modules such as basic discussion module, simultaneous interpretation module, voting module, extended handheld voting keypad module, loudspeaker module. All these modules are self-contained and can be flexibly configured, enabling conference terminals to offer more or less functions. Discussion unit allows the delegate to talk and request to talk, with automatic video tracking and a RJ-45 expansion port for additional plug-and-play handheld voting keypad. Channel selection unit offers 6 channels for participants to hear the selected channel through a personal headphone and adjust the volume level for comfortable listening. Voting unit is used for attendance registration, voting, election and evaluation. Loudspeaker can be added to the discussion unit depending on the venue needs.



◆ Elegant and fashion design
◆ Exquisite manufacturing process
◆ Flexible module-based solution
◆ Expansion interface for system upgrading
◆ LED indicator for working status
◆ Channel, volume and VOX sentitivity displayed on LCD screen

◆ Volume of loudspeakers can be set alone or together
◆ Multiple chairman or vice chairman units are allowed
◆ Support auto camera tracking function ( SD and HD)
◆ Electret cardioid pickup pattern microphone, rich timbre
◆ Pluggable microphone stem with red indicator light ring
◆ Highly resistant to mobile phone interference



System Overviews

HD Video Camera Tracking System GX-HD3310

GX-HD3310 series camera offers perfect functions, superior performance and rich interfaces. The features include advanced ISP processing algorithms to provide vivid images with a strong sense of depth, high resolutionand fantastic color rendition. It supports H.264/H.264+ encoding which makes motion video fluent and clear even with less than ideal bandwidth conditions.


◆ Superb high-definition image:It employs 1/2.8 inch high quality CMOS sensor. Resolution is up to 1920x1080 with frame rate up to 60 fps.

◆ Audio Input Interface:Support 16000,32000,44100,48000 sampling frequency and AAC,MP3,PCM audio coding.

◆ Quiet PTZ:By adopting high accuracy step driving motor mechanism, it works extremely quiet and moves smoothly and very quickly to designated position.

◆ Multi-Format Video Outputs:support DVI (HDMI),3G SDI, wired LAN interfaces. The 3G-SDI is available for 100m transmission at 1080p60 format.

◆ Low noise and High SNR:Low Noise CMOS effectively ensure high SNR of camera video. Advanced 2D/3D noise reduction technology is also used to further reduce the noise, while ensuring image sharpness.

◆ Transparent transmission function of remote controller:Support transparent transmission function, make the supporting equipments easy to operate.

◆ Low-power sleep function:Support low-power sleep/wake up, the consumption is lower than 500mW under sleep mode

◆ Support Multiple Control Protocol:Support VISCA,PELCO-D,PELCO-P protocols which can also be automatically recognized. Support VISCA control protocol through IP port.


◆ RS-232 cascade function:ST series support RS-232 cascade function which is convenient for

◆ 255 presets positions:Up to 255 presets (10 presets by remoter).



System Overviews

FS-FHSS Wireless Simultaneous Interpretation System


FS-FHSS wireless simultaneous interpretation system utilize digital wireless communication and Gonsin innovated FS-FHSS( Frequency Selecting - Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) technology. It comes with super-strong anti-interference capability and broad bandwidth, provides perfect CD-level audio quality, and utilizes AES technique to encrypt data. Effective communication distance is 50~500m. Signals can be transmitted out in all directions. Eight channel is configured with one antenna unit, which reduces deployment difficulty and saves system investment. The system is able to modulate and transmit up to 16 channels at the same time, allowing participants to select a channel to hear the required language so long as he/she has a handheld or headset receiver.


* FS-FHSS( Frequency Selection –Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) technology:Frequency hopping communication technology is a common spread spectrum communication technology which is widely applied to various wireless communication fields. GONSIN has developed the unique FS-FHSS based on this communication technology. The new technology can monitor and select the undisturbed frequency band. FS-FHSS ensures the stability of the communication. It is applied to GONSIN wireless conference system, which implements the discussion, simultaneous interpretation, voting and others comprehensive conference application functions.


♦ Gonsin innovated FS-FHSS (Frequency Selecting-Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) technology

♦ Highly flexible for conference places, suits various conference places including outdoor/ indoor/ temporary/fixed conference place

♦ AES for data encryption, preventing malicious interference and listening

♦ Super-strong anti-interference capability, being immune to any light source, wireless communication equipment, and signal jammer

♦ Adjustable transmission power, the effective communication distance could reach from 50m to 500m.

♦ Unlimited system capacity within the effective transmission scope, suitable for small/medium/large/super-large conferences

♦ All-direction transmission, allowing participants to move within the effective transmission scope

♦ Max number of simultaneous interpretation channels in one system: 8; in support of cascading, max number of simultaneous interpretation channels: 16

♦ Simultaneous interpretation server GONSIN30000I could be connected to DCS-3021 wireless discussion terminal to extend conference discussion function.

♦ One system just requires one wireless access point, which makes the deployment simple and applicable.

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